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About the company

INOX-DEKOR-PL has been on the market for many years now, fulfilling contracts both in Poland and all throughout Europe. We have made quite a name for ourselves working with stainless, acid resistant and black steel.

We specialize in manufacturing stairs and railings, as well as furnishing dwellings and workspaces. We also produce custom-made structural joinery elements.


Satisfied customers
Some of our work

Sheraton Hotel


Structure, roof suspension, pergola, columns adorning the facade

Actyn Centre office building



TVN Headquarters


banisters, railings

M1 Shopping Mall


acid resistant steel décor elements, wall mirrors, railings

Warsaw Finance Centre


steel fire escape structure, railings, elevation load-bearing structure

Pizza Hut and KFC restaurants

Warsaw, Katowice, Gdansk, Poznan, Petersburg

furnishings and catering equipment

Warsaw Stock Market building


steel panel ceilings, acid resistant steel heating channels insulations

“Mokotów” Shopping Mall


acid resistant steel column linings, steel windowsills

Universal Music Poland HQ


reception area furniture, columns, acid resistant steel suspended ceilings, acid resistant steel – glass curtain walls

We are professionals with many years of experience

Our Services:

We manufacture and install:

All kinds of stairs, based on steel structures and finished with wood, glass, stone or polymer

Banisters and railings made of acid resistant steel, black steel, brass, aluminum finished with wood, glass or stone

Doors, casings, door handles and other structural joinery elements made of polished / sanded acid resistant steel.

Interior fittings and furnishing, such as tables, benches, cornices, heater casings, end caps, columns, elevations, suspended ceiling, made of acid resistant steel and other materials.

Private dwelling furniture, public institutions, clubs, reception counters and other elements of office interior décor

We can also manufacture custom, uncommon  structural joinery elements on special order.

We perform our installations all throughout Europe.