What wen we do?

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We produce and install :

• All kinds of steps based on a steel structure , finished wood, glass , stone or plastics

• railings and handrails made ​​of stainless steel , black , brass , aluminum , combined with wood, glass or stone

• Doors , door frames and door handles , and other elements of the metalwork construction of stainless steel brushed and polished

• Furniture for private homes , public institutions , entertainment

• Elements of interior min .: tables, benches , rails , radiator enclosures , pedestals , columns, facades , ceilings with the use of stainless steel and other materials

• Lady , receptions and other design elements offices

• realize and we also unusual orders and joinery construction elements The assembly is performed in Polish and Europe. The final product is a replica of our MORGANA 4 Roadster performed on individual orders.

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