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We offer help and advice on :
• valuations of projects
• measurements in any room , regardless of its shape ( the measurement of distances,
areas , angles of slopes and directions) , scanning rooms , projection ,
setting nets realization for building the ceiling , floors and walls , setting the vertical,
the establishment of reference points level if accurate transfer of measurement and position
using professional equipment
• design and construction : design , prototyping machines , etc .
• execution of technical drawings
• we also cleaning services and maintenance of stainless steel
• we provide :
• – grinding of profiles and pipes made ​​of stainless steel
• – polishing of stainless steel
• – bending of sheet metal up to a thickness of 1.5 mm and a length of 3 m
• – cutting acid-proof sheet metal to a thickness of 3 mm and a length of 3m and sheets
of ordinary steel with a thickness of 6 mm

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