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Company INOX-DEKOR-EN many years there on the domestic and international market as a producer of stainless steel and black. We specialize in the production of balustrades and stairs, and interior design, furniture and other made-to-order items joinery construction. The greatest value for us is the quality of products and the same recognition from customers. Our motto “From design to assembly,” we realize thanks to a highly professional engineering staff and skilled crew. As a result, our company has specialized in very fashionable currently combining stainless steel with glass, stone, wood, brass and plastics. These works are made according to customer’s documentation or their own, drawn up on the basis of measurements. We offer cooperation offices of architecture at the design stage investment to the end result was the closest to the vision of the customer. We also offer help and advice on the above issues and services for cleaning and maintenance as well as grinding, polishing and bending steel. Our latest business profile is scanning measurements, projection rooms using professional equipment

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